Great fun weaving traditional baskets for the lovo

At Lawaki Beach House we all get involved in the preparation of lovo.

A lovo is the most traditional form of cooking by the iTaukei Fijian people.

It is the Fijian name for a feast cooked in the earth, similar to the one in New Zealand , where it is called a ‘hangi’).

The taste is like barbeque, only a little more smoked, and it’s a very efficient way to cook large quantities of food at the same time.

Lawaki Lovo

Here at Lawaki Beach House we follow a traditional Beqa technique in our own lovo pit. No need for us to dig a pit into the ground as it’s alreayd there in our back garden. The special lava rocks are there and all we need do is light the fire a few hours before cooking and get the stones nice and HOT.

Various ingredients, from meat to vegetables and palusami (taro leaves filled with corned beef, onions and coconut cream) are then wrapped up in cocounut baskets and banana leaves and placed over the hot stones.

Guests actively assist and experience the lovo by weaving the baskets and banana leaves around the food before cooking.

Everything from fish to chicken and pork can be cooked in a lovo and it will all be bundled up in banana leafs to retain their moisture.

Once the food is inside, the lovo is covered in banana leaves, then soil and left to slow cook for several hours. Once time is up, the lovo is unearthed to reveal deliciously cooked, tender food.

The scent of a newly opened lovo it a fantastic experience.

Great fun weaving traditional baskets for the lovo
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