University of Tampa, FL, USA – May 2023

University of Tampa 2023

May 12th -May 16th – University of Tampa 2023

Christine, Sam & Team.
Thank you so much for the amazing hospitality and wind smiles. You all were so welcoming and loving that I felt right at home. I look forward to coming back in the future. You all are wonderful . Delia

I had so much for being here, and getting to experience the real Fiji. Thank you for all the yummy food and kindness! With Love, Kaleigh T.

Thank you for being us again ! We loved here and hope to again very soon! – Michael Middlebig

Christine, Sam, + Team, Thank you so much for welcoming us to your home. It was such a wonderful stay, and I was so happy to get to know you all and more about your home. I loved every minute and being able to share smiles + laughs with you! wishing you all the best! Michelle

Sam , Christine, + team ,
Thank you for the warm welcome & hospitality through our stay. your smiles light up the island, and those I will Never Forget. Peace + prosperity to you all !! DO, Alyssa

Christine, Sam, + Team,
thank you so much for the kindness during our stay. I appreciate how open and welcoming you were to all of . You made this trip so special and a memory I will always Cherish. Thank you so much , Meg Datz

University of Tampa 2023
University of Tampa 2023

Lawani Beach Team,
The stay here was such a good experience. I can’t thank you enough for taking us into your home for these few days to experience the true Fijian island life. wishing you all the best In everything you do! Kylie

Thank you for bringing us into the beautiful home you guys have created. It was an experience I was so excited to have & I most definitely enjoyed. It brought a lot of peace and relaxation that everyone should have, with a beautiful view too! I appreciate everything you guys have done for us & provided to us and will remember this forever! Alexa

Thank you so much and Vinaka for hosting us and showing us your traditions. I loved hearing all of your stories about Beqa and your tribes. The food was all delicious and I ate all of it. The Bures were so fun to stay in and the areas are beautiful. I am going to miss you all so much and I hope to be able to visit again in the future. Sydney scott

Lawaki Beach Team,
I can’t express how grateful I am that you allowed us to stay here. You were always so warm and welcoming to US. The food here was always so amazing, but my favorite part of everyday was having kava together after dinner. Thank you so much for including us in that tradition with you all, there are some times I will remember forever.
This is an absolutely beautiful area and you all made et such a wonderful stay.Thank you so much , I wish you all the best! – Chloe Mcurry

Christine, Sam, and Team, Thank you for a wonderful experience. Everyone were is extremely kind & Welcoming. This was my Favorite part of the trip. Vinaka !! ~ Marley Mager , UTampa

Sam , Christine , + Team, Thank you for making this trip the best I’ve ever had. your hospitality + love is unlike any other. you all made me feel at home and gave me the best birthday ever. I will forever remember kava nights, the frogs, the crabs, your beautiful land. Jordan Grard

Sam , Christine , + Team,
Thank you so much for allowing us out . I have have a fantastic time learning about Fiji along with getting to stay in your lovely Bures on the beach. and your special smiles. I hope to visit again in the future. Vinaka Roug Castrey

Lawaki Beach Team,
Thank you for an unforgettable stay. The kindness you showed us will stick with me forever and I am so grateful that I was able to be a part of such beautiful culture and tradition. I will cherish the time I spent have for the rest of my life Thank you isn’t enough to express my gratitude se Vinska ~ Maggie Nestoro

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